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Let's make a plan for your English success--together!

Did you know that I teach English lessons online, using Skype?

I started a while ago because a lot of my students around the world had been asking me: "Susan, can I get lessons with you?"

Right now, I'm teaching students from Brazil, Mexico, and China. It's actually amazing! We set up a time to meet weekly, and then we have a face-to-face lesson on Skype.

I'm helping various people with: pronunciation, grammar, writing and reading skills for IELTS, building vocabulary and phrasal verbs, slang, business English, and more.

It's not just chatting online. I offer a real and valuable service with one-on-one focus. I help you improve, give you the right advice, and guide you through practice activities.

After each lesson and before the next lesson, I send my student a "Feedback Report" with notes on how they're doing, what needs work, links to grammar exercises, and my ideas about how to improve. Most of my students even do homework for me!

If you would like to try lessons with me, check out my prices here (click on "shop") and send me a message here, on my website. Together, we can decide what you need and make a plan for your English success.

If you're nervous about having lessons online, we can also schedule a 5-minute introduction by Skype to talk about what you need...before you pay for any lessons.

The great news is that I'm also going to be offering more relaxed conversation lessons for a lower price, so if you want English practice without too much work, I'll be able to offer that to you.

I'll also be offering some bonuses for students who buy lessons together (recommend a friend, you get a discount).

Send me a message! I'm here for you, whatever your English needs are – Susan.


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