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Phrasal Verb #2: "Let's SET UP an appointment." The new video lesson is up!

I'm running a new series of short video lessons to teach you how to use some of the most common English phrasal verbs. Video #2 in my series is now online! Learn how to use the phrasal verb "set up."

What is a phrasal verb? It's a verb + a preposition which, when we put them together, make a special meaning. Most English learners have a love/hate relationship with phrasal verbs because there are so many of them, and they can be confusing and difficult to learn. Well, I can make even phrasal verbs easy for you to understand; I promise! What does "set up" mean, and how do we use it in context (in real life)?

To set up an appointment or a meeting means to schedule or make an official meeting time. We set up meetings and appointments with clients, business contacts, our supervisors at work, our partners in class, our friends, and our kids' friends.

Do you want to delay a meeting with someone who keeps bothering you to meet? Tell that person, "I'm sure we can set something up" without any specifics! Still, you shouldn't promise to set up an appointment if you really have no intention of meeting--that's just rude.

Let's set up some English lessons for you, right here on my website! Don't forget: You can also send me a message to set up a 5-minute first meeting on Skype, just to see what a Skype lesson looks like.

Take care.


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